Monday, April 11, 2011

April 4th

Aw, the Cape Breton spring is something very nice and windy. Gotta love that sunshine! But alas, hi, how are you??
This week was such a busy week for Elder Turner and I. It was as if we were thrown into a den of lions. :D Well, happy lions.
This week started out with a wonderful p-day. Okay, Elder Turner and I love to go and see if there are any good ties around so that we can look "fresh", in the words of Elder Turner of course. So that is what we did. We went to the store called "The Bay" and I saw this beautiful striped tie. It was gorgeous. Price tag: twenty bucks. So I pondered on the matter and thus it resulted as "Its your choice." So I said, "Heck, lets do it." I am glad I did because there was a sale on these ties and I got an Italy tie for $11 dollars. See? It show that if you are living right you will be blessed! ;)
Tuesday we enjoyed a wonderful road-trip to Port Hawekesberry. It was fun as the other Elders brought in interesting conversations and happiness. So we traveled the two hour drive to meet with President Simpson for interviews. I got my wonderful mail full of packages and letters. Thank you so much everyone! Love you all. Then it got to my turn. I sat down and we had a wonderful interview. I think that Elder Turner was sweating bullets because he said that I was in there for a long time. It was good to be in Port Hawkesberry because we got to see the new Elders down there. And that was nice.
Wednesday happened, and also thursday with no great event. Unfortunately.
Friday was an interesting experience. We were knocking in Glace Bay and at this door and a thought popped into my head. The thought was "Faith." I came to realize that I was knocking doors for the hours not for the people behind them. I was caught up in the thought; "Every door, every person is not likely to be interested." That was my attitude. I lost for a moment why I was knocking on doors. So, as missionaries do, I said a little prayer in my heart to help me develop the faith at each door. We kept knocking and a little ways down the road we met Leanne. Ironically she let us in and we did a lesson. But for me I think that I learned a lesson about faith. See the Lord, I think. gently nudges us everyday. Silently guiding us. He did for me. I am not sure about how that lesson to one missionary as myself will hit me, but it did. I am not sure of the impact it has, or will have, but it did. Crazy huh?
Saturday. Oh my goodness. Conference was amazing! The Spirit was felt. Two talks hit me. One by Elder M. Russell Ballard when he gave the talk (the Saturday afternoon session) about the good o'l prospector. I really liked that talk because it had adventure, treasure, and the gospel! It shows, like my Friday experience, that god deals line upon line. So Priesthood session was soo great. It was an odd chance for us missionaries to stay out past our bed time. The session started for us at 9 o' clock and would end at 11. It was good, though Elder Turner and I really crashed after. BUT the blessing of that session were great. It show that we have so much work to do! To magnify! I loved President Monsons quote when he said "If you haven't read the Book of Mormon, read it!" What a good session! My hand was so sore. Oh my laws. It wasn't prepared for this kind of writing!
Sunday was great. We had a potluck between sessions so that we could mingle and do all that. Poor old Byron has developed the cold and came to two sessions of conference. What a trooper! I feel like he is so close. We had a lesson with him earlier this week at Brother Boutlier's home. (Bro. Boots is a hockey fanatic to the max. He hates any sport that deals with an item of play filled with air. He needs that football and basketballs are games and not sports. He is sooo funny! He could go on for days! :D) So yes, we had a great lesson and it seems as if Byron was space out. His 19 year old son doesn't really like it that his dad is investigating the church. I'm sure he is afraid of the change that will happen within the house. So we talked about that I hope we helped him out. Brother Boots was instrumental in all of that.
So I would love to share of you my testimony of living prophets. Though it is not as deep as other items, I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet. He gives me the confidence to go forth and proclaim truth. He has that perfect love of charity. I am thankful for the example that he has set.  I am thankful for the blessings of Joseph Smith. For the restoration of the gospel through his hand and for all the things that make us who we are. I am thankful for their firm faith in Jesus Christ. Though life may throw us in the waves of a ravaging sea, we can hold faith to prophet and know that he will guide us this day, in our raging seas. Find the confidence in the him. Read the talks, ponder the messages and gather those "little flecks of gold that will turn into great sources of treasure." Often times the world would have us to be confused to try to rely on our own system of government when in reality that will not work. SO thus we must rely on the prophets today to help us. They are there to help. Thank goodness.
I hope that you felt and heard something that you needed. I did. It came so simply in a couple of lines that I felt moved. Touched. :D So good! I am glad that you loved conference as the rest of us! Have a great week!
-Elder Hardy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Aw, what a wonderful morning to give you an account of my week. This week was good. :D
So upon reading my brothers email I have found out that it is easier to do the "day" thing, so thus I shall try it. Bear with me. :D
So monday, Elder Turner was still somewhat out for the account. He was just really tired so he slept while I fiddled with numerous items. It was a good p-day for one great reason. I got to wear my jeans. Aw. Thank you. It felt like heaven. I believe the last time I wore a pair of jeans would have to be on new years. Indeed, it felt great. SO then we had a lovely dinner with the Betts where we had a very lovely stew. Sister Betts is, in a way, your Cape Breton mother. She will do anything for you and in the nicest way!
Tuesday was filled with knocking, finding, greeting, and all manner of smiles. Err, somewhat. :D
Wednesday was a really funny day. We had planned to go to New Waterford. Before this little adventure I had only been there twice; one with Elder Gammell many months ago, and two with Elder Turner last transfer. SO we stayed there and knocked for a good 6 hours. New Waterford is right on the water. You can see it, feel it, and be in it within five minutes. The wind just rolls off the ice in the sea and hits you. There is nothing like maritime weather. I wore the usual, thermals, sweaters, snow coat, rain coat, double socks, etc... and I still was insanely cold. It was fun though and we enjoyed being outside again. We knocked on this street called Hinchey for 4 1/2 hours! It was such a looong street! :D It was felt good to mark that off the map!
Thursday rolled around and I went on exchanges with Elder Marks, my MTC companion. Now, it seems whenever we do missionary work together, miracles just seem to come. On an earlier exchange with found a new investigator, etc. See my point? Things just happen. So thus, we were accustomed to have something great happen this exchange. So we went knocking, met good and strange people who told us about Atlantis etc, (hmmm :D) then we had this supposed meeting with a certain women named Jada. We arrived at the libary on time and waited. We waited. 15 minutes later...she shows up. Unbelievable. :D It was great! We got into the lesson and she just poured her soul out to us. We told her that ALL can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Then I pulled out my Book of Mormon. Her eyes were glued. we gave her a copy and she was stunned that she knew that it was hers! In essence we taught her that she can be made whole through baptism. We extended the commitment and wam...she is going to be baptized April 17th. Now this is not my area's investigator but man it was cool to be a part of! :D She even came to church on sunday! :D Legit, huh?
Friday was a sweet day! We had our usual luncheon with Paul Brown the mechanic. He is that wacky Canadian and we sit in his auto shop in the rafters of garage. I'll get a picture. So then Paul decides to treat us with some Bonnie Prince burgers. Oh my laws. This was the BIGGEST burger I HAVE EVER SEEN! I sat there looking at it and then (after moving my fries) saw how big it was. Paul wouldn't let us leave unless we finished have got to be kidding me. I was...stunned. SO elder Turner was just munching it down like it was nothing. SO i dug in...oh my stomach. I was full for two days. Didn't want to eat or anything. Woo. Later that day we saw lovely Marion. She is steadily reading and just won't come to church! Aw, blast! The Spirit was there, she knew it, I knew it, but she wouldn't commit. So we are still trying with her, maybe another miracle? Then the night ended with a wonderful Family Home Evening with the YSA. :D IT was great! 
Saturday was good, a lot knocking. :D Good day. Easy nothing to exciting. :P
This past sunday was one of the most amazing sundays that I have ever had. I really wanted to feel the Spirit. So it was fast + testimony meeting and I elected to get up and bear a short, sweet testimony. Face your fears, right? It was great. The branch her was so nice. There humble testimonies lift you. Then for Elders quorum, good o'l Paul was on a funny rant! Paul seems very tough on the exterior but really he is sooo dang funny and a really nice guy!  He ALWAYS makes fun of the missionaries. Always saying that we are dropping the ball. :D He laughed and made a joke saying that he saw us at a local tavern. I was going to say "Why were you at the tavern, Paul?" You see Paul like it when you give him flack, he likes you when you give him a hard time. Ironic. :D Byron came to church and the Elder quorum are really accepting him and including him on the lesson. He is participating and enjoying his time. :D I just wish that he would have that desire to be baptized. Maybe. Then Elder Turner and I taught the Institute class. :D
Our lesson for institute was all about developing our talents and abilities. How often or not so often do we try to develop our talents? To be frank with you, I probably do not do it a whole lot. Now that is a shame for if we do not keep doing what we are good at, we lose that talent. What a pity. God gave us talents to benefit the people around us. That is why each individual missionary need to go on mission to help someone who needs their talent. The Lord is a master planner and will put you in scenarios and places where you are best benefited. He does that with each area in life that we are at. Even when you are at home you still should be contributing to the world that you are in! That is why you are there! He has a plan for things seen and things unseen! If you ask the Lord to give you one person that you can help that day, he will make it happen. You can showcase your talents then for the better meant of that person! So develop them early, keep them going, and blessings will come into place. Like good o'l Nephi in the Book of Mormon, he makes a ship, the Lord shows him how and he gets to work. He uses that talent later to make the plates and to build a temple. How did he do that? Because he developed them early, asked for the Lords help, and then he could bless the peoples life around him later. SO do it! Get to work!
I love you all so much, thank you for reading a little missionaries letter. I love you!
-Elder Hardy.
P.s. Back to work. :D

Weekly Email; March 21st

This week I have come to some conclusion for knowledge within the mission. 1. You get really bored when your companion is sick. 2. You get really bored with your companion is sick.
Yes, poor Elder Turner got really sick near the end of the week. We do believe it was the flu that is plaguing him. Poor old chap. We went finding on saturday and thirty minutes into it Elder Turner had to turn back and head home. So we did and a couple of hours later it hit him hard core. He was out. He slept for most of the day and I did nothing but read scriptures, ensigns, and all other manner of reading material. It puts a whole damper on the day. So we stayed in the whole day til we had an appointment with a less active member named Jack. SO thus I took a fresh green missionary with me and we drove out. The significance part of that was that I have officially driven in Canada! :D That is very weird to be behind a wheel after 4+ months.
SO yes, now Elder Turner had enough energy to head to church. Thank goodness. But after church we headed back to the apartment where a bored Elder Hardy had to find something to do. So, you might find this silly, but I decided to play with my fruit snacks. Yes, see, I came to the conclusion that nothing happens in missionary work if you don't have your health. Sheesh, what a boring couple of days. But Elder Turner and I had the privilege to teach institute last night and that was a blessing in its self.
So on Tuesday we were in a bit of a rush because we were going to travel to a zone conference the next day. But we had to stop by Marions to check in on her. We went to the door and a miracle was bestowed before our eyes. She got up from the chair as it was nothing! She was standing right before us! She said that all the pain was relatively gone except for some soreness! Holy cow! :D We just witnessed a miracle! She can walk! Elder Turner and I had no option on how in the world she would get to church then the Lord dropped a miracle on us! :D She can go shopping now, the works! Now the struggle is just having the confidence within herself to make it to church! :D See? That is a testimony right there because it shows that the Lord is mindful of all his children! :D
Zone conference was great. It was a blessing to see other Elders and to hear of their experiences! SO we learned a lot and did many different things! :D The only bummer about the trip was the four hour trip down there! Just to get off Cape Breton it would take two hours, plus another hour to New Glasgow, then the next day another hour to Truro, then a four hour drive back. So thus, 5 hours drives are nothing. Easy as pie. Simple. :D IT was good!
But as always on Monday we have dinner at the Betts. The Betts are older around 80 years and are still going super strong! But seriously, it is one of the highlight dinners of the week! :D So we were around the table eating delicious food when good old Brother Betts says "Geez Georgie, if you keep cooking like this, I'll take you to the Celestial Kingdom." HAHAHA! We laughed for at least a good five minutes! Seriously! :D
Even when your companion is sick with the flu and your stuck in the apartment you must always look at the positives in life. I was blessed with that blessing this week. Sure, not much went on or this or that, but still there on things during the week that I was blessed with. Some funny experiences to share with you. Some simple things include being happy for my health, Brother Betts "celestial" comment, and fruit snacks. Often times the simple things we seem to lose sight of them. We seem to want a miracle when we must rely on faith. When missionaries find new people to teach we show them the basics, the simple things. We teach them how to pray and to read the scriptures. Then with that firm foundation the testimony grows. Simple as pie. :D So, if I may, ask you one question; What are some simple things in your life that bring you great joy? I exhort you to ponder, pray, and recongnize. The Lord and Heavenly Father hands are in our daily lives. Seek his guidance and put him first, and EVERYTHING falls into place. :D
Thank you so much, again and again, for reading my letters and (hopefully) feeling the Spirit that is within them. :D I love you all so much!
Much love in Canada,
-Elder Morgan Hardy.

Weekly Email: March 14th!

The reason why I am celebrating this early is because I realized something this morning. St. Patrick's day is the 17th but also it is my four month mark! WOAH! Crazy. To be frankly honest, where did the time go? I am certain that I was there, that I was doing work and inviting all others to come unto Christ but seriously, where exactly was I? So a whole new meaning came into my head saying: "The Mission is incredibly short." Yes, darn right it is! WOW! For a moment there, I felt a tad old. Hm. :D
So this week was transfers throughout the entire mission. Elder Beus, my old district leader, was busy running around trying to pick up everything and to ship out! It was a tad frantic. A little bitter sweet about his departure but he made it a-okay. Thank goodness. This week was one of the slowest weeks for me, due to transfers. It just seemed as if things were going out of the mix. Ironically, it is Monday again and everything feels way fast! :D Oh, the joys of the mission.
Okay, so I have put this off telling you all this for awhile, because of the unsurety about this person. Nevertheless, this person has again proved her worth and thus, I do believe I will share. Her name is Marion. She is about 75 years of age and have really bad back problems. But oh my goodness, she is the sweetest lady! So Elder Turner and I have been wanting to knock this street Ainsley for awhile but things always seemed to get in the way. Always. SO then finally we were able to actually knock that street. SO the first house that we get to is Marions. We knock and here this "Come in". After a good chat, she explains that her back is hurting and that she can't move very well. So we offer to help, because we are devout missionaries. She tells us that her car has been in the same place all winter and she is afraid that it is broken. Oh my goodness, she was really worried about it. So we go and try our best to get the car out but realize that we need an ice pick to break the ice. So we walk in explain the situation and that we will be back later. We show up later and move her car. Now we have started teaching her and you just see her happy little self. Oh my laws, she is great! She keeps telling everyone about her two "angels"; meaning Elder Turner and I. She says that she prayed day in and day out to have God send her somebody to help. Then the missionaries show up. Ironic? Not in the slightest. If you ever get to meet Marion you see the humbleness she has. Your life is automatically touched by the way this wonderful women lives. You want to cry with her because of the pain she has but laugh with her about her funny life experiences. She is wonderful. The Lord has not forgotten about her. That's for sure. But what a blessing it is for Elder Turner and I. What a way to feel that you are doing good! GO ABOUT DOING GOOD! WOOT! It really makes you feel like a hundred bucks!
So that is a little tid bit on Marion. She is wonderful. We met again with Byron and Ben. Byron really sees the need to pray though often his work schedule makes him very tired, so in essence, he forgets. But he realizes that he does need to put forth the effort to get the answer. Ben is doing great, reading and praying. Though we are just waiting an answer to his prayers. It may take some time but hey, all is worth it. All is worth it.
So yesterday, Sunday, was a great day. Byron and Ben attended. Thank the heavens! I also had the privilege to teach 2nd hour of church. My lesson was on facing the modern day Goliaths! I read with them the story of David and Goliath, and in the story David takes 5 stones from the brook and prepares for battle. President Thomas S. Monson gives us the 5 stone of today to fight modern day goliaths! 1. The stone of courage. Two. The stone of effort. 3. The stone of humility. 4. The stone of prayer. 5. The stone of the duty to love. Now think of  your modern day menace! It seems that all is coming at you and you can't dodge it but have to go through it. You see the thing rising above you in splendor and supreme power. I would "gulp". :D So like David we are equipped with five stones and "haste" to the enemy. WE run! Take the bull by the horns! Then with the Lord we become victorious. For the Lord has equipped us with some many fundamentals that we should use them to our advantage. So use those five stones! USE THEM!
I know this email is incredibly short but we have a lesson today and we got to get going! I pray that you felt the Spirit this week and let it influence your life! I love you so much!
-Elder Hardy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th

Okay, you all must be wondering whether I am being transferred or not....well....
The Lord has blessed me to remain here in Sydney for another six weeks! To be honest, it it is weird to see that I have been in Sydney, Cape Breton for about 3 months! Woah! Hopefully, within that six weeks we can baptize Byron and Ben! The mission is doing great. We have 33 people on date for the month of March. Elder Turner and I pray that we can accomplish that task of adding to that goal! Wouldn't that be nice? :D
So the week started off with a slow p-day. We emailed, shopped, then just relaxed at the other Elders apartment. We all took an hour nap. Oh my goodness, that was great! Then we ventured to another lovely meal at the Betts, so I shall tell more about that in just a second.
This week was a good week. We taught, knocked, and met a lot of nice people. Cape Breton has its own unique hospitality. I'm sure you've heard of the "Southern Hospitality" but this is kinda like that but just a little less laid back and not as re-fined. But The hospitality is just great! The Cape Bretoners welcome you with open arms and with open hearts. They welcome you and help you. I am so pleased with the attitude and the respect of Cape Breton. One man that we met said that Cape Breton is "god's country." Now, I have noticed one thing. :D When you wear the Cape Breton tartan people tend to be nicer. It is a bit odd but hey when you wear another persons colors that automatically let you in, despite that hospitality. Aw, the beauty of Cape Breton!  Ben, our investigator is always doing simple acts of kindness for us, like giving us candy, soda, ties...yes... :D and all manner of various items. Also Byron offered us to go get something on nearby's Kelly's Mountain. The Brewster's would have us over for every meal if they could! Again, the hospitality of Sydney. :D So I am so thankful to be here for another six weeks in Cape Breton!
Byron - I did not get the chance to meet with Byron this week because we were on exchanges. Pity. But Byron came to church yesterday. Now we were introducing ourselves to one another and Byron says "I'm Byron Buick. I am a veterinarian and I am learning how to become a new member." I just sat there and smiled. Just beamed. :D Aw, that was just great!
Ben - Now I'm not sure if I told you this, my gut says yes, but Ben paid a fast offering and again, came to church on Sunday! He really likes church. For 3rd hour we did this temple work/ Spirit world lesson, and some were given peoples names and basically acting as the character. begging for their work to be done. Ben got a southern gentleman and got really attached to the character. He asked if he could keep that paper! The little things bless people lives, it touched him, that's for sure.
Now one of the best blessing we have in this life is the Book of Mormon. We are read it, pray about it, and see it in a different point of view to gain more knowledge from God. Now when you read the Book of Mormon over again you see new insights every time. I had the spiritual thought at the Betts after dinner, now the surprising part of this is that I didn't know I was doing til I got to the Betts. So thus, sneaking off to the bathroom with a Book of Mormon on hand, I tried to find a thought. I prayed for the Lord to help me and started to flip through. Now the bathroom was intense, frogs looking at you and seemed to be saying "Hurry up...times clicking." Then it came. Jacob 3:2. I have read this over many times, but this one came differently. I had my thought. We had a lovely dinner and then it was show time. I read the scripture...2. "O all ye that are pure in heart, lift up your heads and receive the pleasing word of God, and feast upon his love; for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever." It is a simple promise. It reminds me of a math problem. 1. Receive the word of God through scriptures and the living Prophets add your heart to the mix and your answer; a feast of love and a mind firm in the truth of the gospel. Simple. Brilliant.
So do my math problem, become pure in heart, do not become prideful or arrogant, become submissive, throw your trust into it, and hope for that pure love that Jesus has for you individually, then comes the best part; your minds will become firm, steadfast and valiant. :D  Simple? Indeed.
Again, enjoy the week, and feast on the love that Christ gives. For it is the nectar of happiness. :D
-Elder Morgan Hardy

Holy Moley...

Hm, to the amazement of ones self and to the disappointments of others, I'm sure, I regret to inform you that your little Elder Hardy was so wrapped up in the final moments of his time emailing that he forgot to send out the email. To be frank, that line made me feel a tad dumb. But, yes, I forgot to email it so now you get double of me! I'm sorry.
This week was such an odd week. I really didn't know what was going on til it actually happened. See, planning prevents horrible performance. So thus, I was compelled to actually roll with the punches. But the main highlight of this week was a leadership meeting in a town dubbed Truro (pronouced Churro :D). From my area to that area is about a 3 hour drive. So we drove to New Glasgow to spend a lovely night with the zone leaders. Then another hour to Truro. To Elder Turner adn I's must amusement we were told that we were going to spend the night in Dieppe, New Brunswick. What a night.
I went on an exchange with an Elder Clement. A nice kid from washington. I was excited to get going to do get some work done. For when you are in leadership meeting, it is an all day event, so you want to stretch the legs. So the Elder and I went out and knocked some doors. Now President Simpson explained to us that we need to be talking with everyone that we meet including people walking on the streets. So we were at a door and Elder Clements steps back and walks up to these ladies walking by. We start talking to everyone and bam, he gets her number, address, return appointment and we give her a Book of Mormon. Miracle. So thus, being stoked on that we kept going down the street. Where we met this drunk guy who wanted a toonie, and Elder Clement abliged. :D We then knocked into this person named Jordan. We basically taught her the first lesson at the door. What power! Then I gave my story about Jospeh Smith and afterward Elder Clements stops and says, "I know that, that is true because I feel the Spirit." She says she does to and bam, another Book of Mormon out, phone number, address, and a return appointment! Oh the Elders of Dieppe were stoked! I was pumped! It was a miraculous night! To bad it wasn't in Cape Breton! Pity, but hey, that is soo totally awesome! :D
That was an incredible night, I was so happy! I remember lying in bed (well, my sofa/bed) and thinking; "Holy Moley, miracles." There is an old missionary proverb that says "Miracles happen on exchanges." By george, they do!!!!
The leadership training was amazing. I was so happy to see the old MTC district gang there and to here all about their adventures! I was so good to see them and to just reminiscence in the good o'l days. I was happy. I was glad to have a day of good notes, smiles, and a ton of laughs!
I have been out for 3 months since the 17th of last week and at the leadership meeting there was another Elder who just came in last transfer! Bwhaha! I felt so old being around him! It was great! I wasn't the youngest missionary anymore! But, hey, I am still a tad young, but, it was great to see someone younger! Woot! :D
This week was just a lot of travel, unfortunatly. I was bummed to be out of Cape Breton for a while. I showed my Cape Breton pride, (Which Elder Turner says is not healthy. :D) and said that it was the best area in the mission! WOOT! Which it is! The BEST!
So my message for this week is just to be happy for what the Lord has blessed us with. My other MTC district buddies seemed to really have a lot going in their areas and this and that, but I was just grateful to be a Cape Bretoner. I was so happy for them and their success and everything like that, but I am well pleased to be in Sydney, Cape Breton. :D So thus, I am "content with the things that Lord hath allotted unto me." (Alma 29: 3)
I pray that you all were not too disgruntled by me forgetting to send out the big email. Tis a shame, I was heart broken today when I found out that I didn't send it! So don't worry, I repented and we are all good now! ;)
I love you all and am so grateful for your patience and longsuffering for me! :D
Have a great week!
-Elder Hardy.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!
I pray that you husbands did something very very nice for your wifes. If not....well... :D
This week was an intense week from the start. To be honest, nothing could've told me the dealings of this week except that I expeirenced that myself. It was such a great week!
So I don't know if I have mentioned the Brewsters before or not, but just in case, we were with them for our Christmas dinner! It was very nice! So we ventured with Bro. Brewster to go and see his mom, who in turn agreed to meet with us. So we go in, give our first lesson and really emphasized the Book of Mormon and how to know if the book is true or not. She stops us and says that she knows it true already. We stopped. Paused. Thought. Didn't really know what to do...I looked at Elder Turner. His jaw is dropped. Then he finally comes back to life, we both do, and asked; "Do you believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God?" She replies; "Yes." He continues; "Do you believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet?" Again, the same response. My heart was pumping. Bro Brewster is completly shocked, dumbfounded if you will. :D Elder Turner continues "Do you believe that there is a living prophet on this earth today?" "Yes." No movement from me. I do believe I was trying to discern on this situation....then Elder Turner asks her the big question; "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the preisthood authority of God?" She said "Yes." Holy moly, I just wanted to get up and do a little dance! She didn't committ to a date but she is on board! What a lesson! We were all freaking out afterwards! I mean who wouldn't? :D :D :D :D
So then we had a great lesson with Byron. It was so great. Though I did find something that I do believe to be completly ironic. Most of you know that I am a Miami Dolphins fan and my birthday is on October 30th. Now Byron is a Miami Dolphins fan and was born on the 26th of October....weird, huh? I don't know if that is concidental or anything to that we had a very good lesson with the man. As we were waiting for a member to show we got to meet Pandora. Now Pandora is an 8 ft phython. :D  She is probably the most friendly snake I have ever met. Now Byron is draping her all over my head, neck (which in turn did give me chills...) arm, etc. She was so nice. So silky smooth. I was an adventure! :D Did you ever think that I would be playing with a python on my mission? Oh, and not to mention but that snake came up and gave me a big o'l wet on the lips. Nothing like some snake love! Then we sat down and had a beautiful lesson on the Book of Mormon. It was a lesson that I will never forget. For the details are small but they will hold a dear place in my heart. But, again, this expierence will be kept in my heart, and that is where we will end it. Great lesson and great expierience!
So my message for this week has to do with the Valentines day theme. Love. Love comes in many forms, shapes, and enviorments. One, that I expierenced this week was the love for my investigators. Do not think that I did not love them before, but as you get to know people more that charity goes into the little layers of the heart. So thus, when you start to sink in you feel that love, right there in the middle of your heart. Though you don't realize at first, it grows and eventually, well, you will do everything in your power to acomplish the task that the Lord has for them. That is when the Spirit testifies through you. That is when you can acomplish great things with people! That happened to Ben this week, as well as with Byron. So a little blessing from the Lord? Yeah. :D
So again, have a great week! Feel that charity for others and enjoy life! :D Those are just simple facts of the week but it made the most difference.
I love you always, and thank you so much for everything!
-Elder Morgan Hardy.